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News Around Lockhart

By Connie Porter - Contributing Columnist

Lockhart Cafe will be open this Easter Sunday for dinner, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. The menu will be Country Style Steak, grilled pork chop, and fried chicken. Side dishes are: dressing and gravy, mac and cheese, rice and gravy, mash potato and gravy, green beans, lima beans, corn, potato salad, slaw. And for dessert: banana pudding and peach cobbler. Tea included and the cost is around $8. So for those of you that don’t want to slave in the kitchen, visit Barry and Bernice at the Cafe.

New Bridge

Our monthly town meeting was Tuesday, wish you were there. You are always asking me about the building of the new bridge, well we are still on track for an August construction obligation and November letting at this time. And I found out on Wednesday, from Frank Hart, that Union County has gotten the approval of funds for the right of way and utility coordination. This involves the moving of the water and sewage lines on the canal bridge.

Public Forum

Tuesday, April 12, Union County Council and the Lockhart Town Council will meet at Lockhart Town Hall. Public Forum will be at 5:30-6 p.m. followed by the combined council meeting at 6 p.m. Union County Council has been meeting each month at a different town in Union County.

Boat Ramp

At our Task Force Meeting on Wednesday we discussed the future boat dock and walking trails in Lockhart. Union County has been awarded a grant of $100,000 for this. The boat ramp will be above the dam and will be easier for boats, canoes and kayaks to enter and exit the Broad River. We will also be working on walking trails, called the Flat Stack Trail, where the Mill used to be.

Evening Breakfast

Lockhart Freewill Church served an evening breakfast, Saturday night, and had a great turnout. Also, it was the night for the wild game supper that the First Baptist Church puts on.

Mowing The Lawn

Well, I cut my clover patch, Monday. It was over a foot high, and my yard looks awful, but I plowed through it. That stuff is thick.

Chuck came by (of course after I was through), and wanted to know if Troy came by and cut my grass. I said, “If he cut it, it would have looked great.” He said he didn’t think he had cut it.

He claims that he told me he hired Troy so I would not fall off my hill again. Well I didn’t hear him, and it was embarrassing when the neighbors’ yards looked great and mine looked like I needed to rent some goats.

Anyway, I told him Troy could come and straighten mine out. So I’ll cut my shop yard and Troy can have the hill, only if he’s brave enough. It really doesn’t bother me to cut it, it’s just not having the time because of working.

Chuck took my lawnmower home, because while I was cutting it was vibrating really bad, and I didn’t run over any rocks this time. Now it’s how long he’ll keep it.

At The Chiropractor

I still haven’t heard anything on getting my car fixed. And I am stressed over it. Is that stupid? So I went to the Chiropractor, Dr. B. Sherman, and laid on the rolling bed and just tried to relax. Then she tried to loosen the cords in my neck, which had me so tight and making for headaches. Then there’s the pain in my lower spine, where I landed when I passed out a few weeks ago, and landed hard on the ground. When she got through with me I was touching my toes. And felt so much better.

Remember In Prayer

Carolyn called me and said that her mother, Azilee Ashe, was in the hospital with pneumonia, so please pray for her recovery. I believe that I heard that Regina Denton can use some extra prayers. I haven’t heard how Joyce Turner is doing after her fall, and breaking a hip, but let’s pray for her. Also, prayers for Hugh Gregory, Doc Young, both taking Chemo again. Let’s pray that Ailene’s test results turn out great. If you can think of anyone else, just call me.

Busy Week

This has been a busy week with Easter being Sunday, but I did have pleasant visits today from Tammy Childers and, later, Bubba (Marty) Reardon sat and talk awhile. It was great catching up. Brad, Scott, and Vinnie are always a lot of fun on Thursdays, when they come in. And tonight, Thursday was Vinnie Parris’s 15th birthday.


Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea.

They say that a Black cat brings bad luck. Is that true? Depends on who comes across it: a human or a mouse.

And to a cat, “NO!” means “Not while I’m looking.”

That’s it, so good night, you can call me at 864-545-6652.

News Around Lockhart

By Connie Porter

Contributing Columnist

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