Sore after taking a tumble

News Around Lockhart

By Connie Porter - Contributing Columnist

It’s been a long time since I’ve flown through the air and did damage to myself. But it was me that you might have seen lying on the ground.

I came out of the house last Friday, and started to walk down the slope of my back yard and that’s all I remember, excepting floating and then bam, I heard my head crack on the ground and everything was black. I don’t know how long this all took, but usually when you start to slide or fall, you throw your hand down to catch your fall. I did neither. So did I black out first before falling or did the crack on the head have me forgetting?

The sad part of this story is a neighbor of mine, did not come to see how I was and just drove by me as I lifted my head. That tells me I might not be well-liked.

Talk about sore, I think I jarred every organ in my body. I did go to the chiropractor, Dr. Sherman, and she took x-rays. No broken bones but I sure misaligned my body. Monday I’ll go to urgent care and check out the insides.

That’s my whiny story. Oh yeah and I think I jarred my lungs to the point of a horrific coughing cold.

Remember In Prayer

Please pray for my sister-in-law, JoAnne Gibson. She fell in her house and broke her arm, she’s afraid it won’t heal, so please pray for her to be as good as new in a short time. It is always nice to see her and my niece, Terry. They came into the shop today.

Under The Weather

Ailene and Brenda came to see me today. Since I have been under the weather I haven’t been to Town Hall. But anyway, I found out that Ailene is having to go to a few doctors since she was under the weather last week. Hope they can find her problem, help her, then we all can get back to business.

Lots Of Good Food

Lockhart Fire Department is selling barbecue tickets for March 19. You can see one of our volunteer firefighters for them or their wives.

Also on the 19th is the Wild Game Supper. See First Baptist members and see if there are any extra tickets available.

This weekend I believe that Wesley Chapel will be having chicken salad and stew.

All By Ourselves

Speaking of food, this past weekend was the steak supper at the Chester Shrine Club. Would you believe out of our group, Chuck and I were the only ones. So he had to sit with me and acted disappointed, even though I told him he could talk about guns, hunting and work and I’d pretend to be interested. He let me know that’s not all the guys talk about at his table.

Well, we did run into Robert Young and his gal, Joyce. And of course we saw Nancy and Tommy Keenen. But we still sat alone. Then he dropped me off at home and he went to his home to get ready for work.

Closed For Easter Sunday

I will not be working Easter Sunday. Last year someone came by and was very upset that I was closed.

I remember in elementary school, the girls had to make Easter bonnets, then picked a boy to wear them. We paraded around all the classrooms. Can you see that happening now? NO! I always got to pick first, since my name started with an A, and of course I always picked my boyfriend, who was the cutest boy in the class.

Another thing we used to pull, was if we were caught talking to someone in class we would have to sit in the seat together so Mike (that was his name) and I would get caught whispering and Voila! she’d put us in the same seat. But we were all really good students. We really never disrespected our teachers. Times sure change.

This was in the 5th grade. The teacher would bring clean clothes for two brothers, so in the morning before school started she would take them somewhere down the hall, clean them up, let them wear these clothes. Then when school was over they would change back into their nasty clothes. They were from a large, poor family. She didn’t want them treated any different. I saw this boy at the class reunion. He owns his own business, and is very well off. He talked about how nice we all were to him, and how I would give him pennies ( I don’t remember ) but he did live on the next street from me, so I saw how he grew up.


Everyone asks me about the bridge, I don’t know, somewhere I heard November.

Yes, the sewage project on the hill will get underway, sometime. I have signed papers as they come in and the checks go where they are supposed to. That’s all I know.

To those concerned are waiting for a $100,000 grant for the boat landing and walking trails.

It certainly isn’t the Town of Lockhart, we don’t have the money or a way of matching or paying it back.

A Special Kind Of Pain

The patient who came to my radiology office for abdominal x-rays was already heavily sedated. But I still had to ask her a lot of questions, the last one being, “Ma’am, where is your pain right now?”

Through her medicated fog, she answered, “He’s at work.”

Well, it’s been a very rough week, maybe next week will be better, but for now I’ll say good night. Call me at 864-545-6652.

News Around Lockhart

By Connie Porter

Contributing Columnist

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