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Rain, rain go away, so Connie can get her house completed. I said that I’d wait for the April showers to finish so I can get my house painted, but how many weeks does April have? We’re well into July, and poor Joey can only get a few hours to paint before he’s threatened by rain. What was to only take a couple of days has turned into weeks. I’m making him get behind on some other paint jobs. And now we seem to be held up on gutter work and rain. Gina says that I should have waited until August when it’s a scorcher. But the house is going to look great (to me) when I get everything done on the outside.

Unwanted Legacy

Beware, in the many years to come, if you have cut a large tree and uprooted it. It seems that about 40 years or so, the family who used to live in my house, cut a big oak, or some kind of tree down in the front yard. Well, I started with a small hole in the yard and thought it might be from a snake. But now it is up to your knees and as big around as the tree root that came out of it. I’ve got to find enough dirt to fill in this hole. So I just thought I’d warn you of what can happen.

A Trip To New Bern, N.C.

Well, you know how I’m always begging for someone to step forward with a story about themself. I got one this week, and Pat Gibson and Joyce Haney want to share their adventure with all of you. So here’s their story.

Talking about having fun — let us (Pat and Joyce aka Thelma and Louise) tell you about our “mission” of trying to get the opportunity, pleasure and honor of meeting Nickalas Sparks. Now, we both love him and respect his privacy, but we have had this yearning to meet him for about two years running. So about two weeks ago we decided the time is right.

On Friday morning, July 12, we left Lockhart for New Bern, N.C. This much we knew but that was all we knew. When we first arrived in New Bern we commenced to asking questions. If you want to learn something, you’ve got to ask questions. Everybody was so friendly and helpful.

We first found out about the cruise down the Neuse River. We boarded at 12:30 and returned at 2:30. On our cruise we saw many beautiful homes, one of which was N.S.’s “starter” home — it served its purpose until he got the “now” home completed. The “starter” would have been fine for mine, Joyce’s and all our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren to live in peace and quiet and not be crowded.

We learned on this cruise that his “now” home has 8 bedrooms, 7 1/2 baths, 2 inside bowling alleys and a theater. He also has an outside trinity pool and a guest house next door. How big? Don’t know! An 8-foot gate stood between us and his domain. Joyce got pictures anyway! Just give her a camera and she will “rock your world.” He also has five children (one set of twin girls), five dogs, five cats and a beautiful wife.

We also learned on this cruise that New Bern is the birthplace of Pepsi-Cola. We also saw the “Pepsi people’s ” home on the river. By the way — N.S.’s home is on “Millionaire Row” on the Neuse River.

After the cruise we found and visited the Nickalas Sparks Foundation, which was very interesting. When our cruise was over a very gracious young man pulled up N.S.’s address (to the front of his mansion). We had planned to start home at this point, but Joyce set “Tom-Tom” on that address and here we go! That’s when we found the front of his mansion. Now we never did get to see Nickalas Sparks but we saw almost everything else. Next time for sure! This “mission” was about 98% successful, but next time we will do 100%, we think and we pray.

Most of our other “missions” have been 100% successful, but if one fails we return to the “scene of the crime” and make it 100%. More later. Our motto is “Hang with us — we’ll get you there.”

—Pat and Joyce.

Now, see how easy that was. All you have to do is bring me a written story and I’ll gladly put it in my article.

Remember In Prayer

Chuck just called me and told me that Margaret had another fall at home and will be in the hospital for a couple of days. So pray for her that she’ll be home soon and will not have to go to Oakmont for any rehab.

Ailene is back from Minnesota. I think she has jet-lag. She was worn out today when I saw her.

I thought when you had a vacation you were supposed to get a lot of rest, and come back refreshed. Brenda said that when she takes a trip, she needs to rest up for a couple of days before she gets back into the daily grind also.

Golly, I sure don’t need a vacation then, if it’s going to wear me out. I’m already worn out just thinking about it.

How does a person find time to get away? Tell me about your vacation.


I see that Jantzen Childers had a birthday on the 25th. Monica Vlock and Nancy Lawson on the 26th. Jody Walker on the 27th. Jason Childers on the 28th. and Myrtis Young on the 30th.


Gregg and Cheryl McCollum’s anniversary is on the 29th.

Seeing A Friend

It was wonderful seeing Louise McCutcheon today in Dollar General, even if it was a quick hug and a love you. I was on my way to Spartanburg and she was on her way home from Spartanburg.

Unattended Meeting

We had a public meeting Wednesday at noon. It was wonderful to see that the public was really interested in what we were doing. How many showed up? None!

Broken Mirror

What are you so happy about? a woman asked the 98-year-old man.

“I broke a mirror,” he replied.

“But that means seven years of bad luck.”

“I know,” he said, beaming. “Isn’t that wonderful?”


A man walked into a crowded New York City restaurant and caught the eye of a harried waiter.

“You know,” he said, “it’s been 10 years since I came in here.”

“Don’t blame me,” the waiter snapped. “I’m working as fast as I can.”

Interesting Observation

Basketball sure is an amazing game, said one fan to another. They pay a guy $500,000 a year to shoot the ball, and then they call it a free throw.

Well it’s super late, and the news is on the TV and not in my letter. So I will say good night until next week. Call if you need a house or a haircut. I’m game for just about anything. 545-6652

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