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Well, somewhere I’ve picked up a virus on my computer, it’s acting frozen. Gina’s doing her best to fix it, so right now I’m borrowing her laptop. So lucky you, this may be short and sweet. I just didn’t want any of you to think that I forgot about you.

Thank You

I want to thank Rosa Lee and William Clowney, for sending me a check to buy Ensure for Robert, my friend with cancer. As I’ve mentioned before, he is on a feeding tube, and will be doing chemo for about eight weeks. Robert does not have any income and lives alone, but Ray and Stephanie Duncan have taken him under their wing and try to look out for him. Pray for Robert, that there will be a light at the end of the tunnel. If anyone is wondering what to do with left over ensure or boost please send it our way. Thanks.

Remember In Prayer

Billie Rae Burns will be having her surgery for cancer next week, and she really needs your prayers, she had been the organist for Lockhart Methodist Church and has recently retired, due to her health.

Free Giveaway

This for all the readers out there. May 4, Sunday, from 1-4 p.m., at 411 Lockhart Drive, Connie’s Beauty Shop is having a book sale.

Oh, did I say sale? Well I meant free giveaway. We have about 1,000 books to give away, no cost, just bring your bags and boxes and take all you want. The only ones that won’t be available are the Inspired Christian books, they are on loan to the shop and not mine, but we have, just about any author you would want. I hate to throw books away, because I love to read and love books, but these all have to go.

It will not cost you a dime, but if you want to donate to my customers’ and my charity, Hospice, you can. And if you don’t, that’s okay also. Just come and get some books. Oh, and I won’t be cutting hair that day.


I hope Tiffany Childers enjoy her birthday, the 16th, she finally became a teenager. Happy Birthday to Shane Allen and Tiffany Littlejohn on the 19th, Ann Vinson, Ryan Sanders, and Eddie Burnett have one the 20th. Dr. Don McCutcheon’s is on the 21st. Jeffrey Turner and Bo Belue have a birthday on the 22nd. The 23rd are birthdays for Kenny Clayton, Hayden Schelble, Sami Melton, Melvin Revis,and Abby Brannon. The 24th are Brandy Smallwood and Sydney Vanderford. And on the 25th are Tommy McCollum and Tina Clayton.

Almost In An Accident

Gina said she was glad I was not driving too fast tonight coming home from Spartanburg, because someone pulled out in front of me in Adamsburg, just to turn left about 20 yards away. It was dark, but they could have seen my headlights, there was no one behind me, they could have waited and it could have caused a bad accident. I really think their mind was on something else, and just didn’t look. Well, Gina wanted me to make a point of this.

Then when we got home, and was taking things out of our car, she commented on the race track on Lockhart Drive. The little truck was going so fast that she looked to see if they flipped at the bridge. The speed limit is 25 not 125.

Mowing The Lawn

Haven’t seen too much of Chuck lately, so I don’t really know if he’s staying out of trouble, but I do know he’s getting everyone’s lawnmowers ready for this grass cutting season. Even mine, I tried to cut grass and the lawn looks awful.

I really did a number on my blades, you all know the lawnmower was new to me last summer, and for those who know where I live you know that my yard is one huge rock, and I think I hit every edge of them. He said my blades could not be sharpened, that’s bad, so I had to get new ones. I hope I’m better this year. Anyway, I used the weed eater on the whole back yard, which is at a 90 degree angle.

Careful What You Wish For

Then there was the fellow who always had bad luck. Once he found a magic lamp, rubbed it, and a genie appeared and gave him the Midas touch. For the rest of his life, everything he touched turned into a muffler.

Good Point

Arthur rubbed the old lamp he’d purchased at a flea market and sure enough, a genie appeared.

“Thanks for setting me free,” said the grateful spirit.

“Aren’t you going to grant me a wish?” asked Arthur. “Are you kidding?” answered the genie. “If I could grant wishes, would I have been in that lousy lamp all this time?”

Wrong Answer

A traffic cop pulled over a speeding motorist and asked, “Do you have any ID?”

The motorist replied, “About what?”

On that note, and news is scarce, I’ll close and try to be a little nosier for next week. Goodnight and call me at 864-545-6652.

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