Man charged with cutting woman

Accused of cutting her face with a butcher knife

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Kyle Bess

UNION — A Buffalo man was arrested earlier this week in connection with two reported incidents of domestic violence in early June including one in which the victim in both incidents said he cut her face with a knife while threatening to kill her.

Kyle Ray Bess, 29, 118 Quinn Circle, Buffalo, is charged by the Union Public Safety Department with one count of malicious damage to property, domestic violence second-degree, and domestic violence high and aggravated.

The incident report states that on June 5 a Public Safety officer was dispatched to Union Medical Center where he met with a member of hospital security who said there was a woman in the ER waiting room waiting to be seen. The security officer said the woman had stated that she’d been assaulted on Spring Street in the city.

The Public Safety officer then spoke with the woman who the report states said she had been living with Bess, her boyfriend, at a residence on Spring Street for about three and a half months. She said that earlier in the evening Bess had started saying she was cheating on him and had grabbed her by the neck, threw her on to the floor, and started kicking her.

The victim said she tried to call her mother on her cell phone, but Bess smashed the screen. She said she then left walking and went to a nearby store to call her mother, but the store would not let her use the phone so she used another person’s phone to make the call. The victim said her mother told her to go to the hospital to get checked out and that she was on her way from North Carolina to pick her up.

The report states the Public Safety officer then asked the victim why she didn’t call the police and she replied she had been too scared to do so.

In addition to the incident that occurred that evening, the report states the victim told the Public Safety Officer that on the previous day (June 4) she was fixing Bess a plate of food when he put a butcher knife to her throat. The victim said Bess said to her “I am going to kill you. I know what you have been doing.” She said Bess cut her on the left side of her face at her chin causing it to start bleeding.

The victim said that Bess told her he did not mean to cut her. She said he also told her to leave, but would not let her use the phone so she could call her mother to come get her. She said that she was scared for her life.

The report states the Public Safety officer saw some redness on the victim’s neck. He had the nurse’s assistant take photos of the victim.

The victim told the officer she was not going back to Bess’ house and that her mother was coming to get her and take her back to North Carolina.

The report states that the Public Safety officer later gave the victim’s victim form to her mother because she was getting a CT scan.

Bess was taken into custody Tuesday and transported to the Union County Jail where he was charged.

Union Public Safety Director Sam White said Thursday the malicious damage to property and domestic violence second-degree charges stem from the June 5 incident in which the victim claims she was thrown to the floor and kicked and her cell phone smashed. He said the domestic violence high and aggravated charge stems from the June 4 incident in which the victim claims Bess cut her with the knife.

Kyle Bess Bess
Accused of cutting her face with a butcher knife

Staff Report

This story courtesy of the Union Public Safety Department.

This story courtesy of the Union Public Safety Department.

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