Two arrested for trafficking meth

More than $5,000 worth of drugs seized

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Jeremy Michael Ginn

Lauren Danielle Whitmire

UNION COUNTY — A man and a woman are facing multiple charges including trafficking meth following a drug bust in which the Union County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Office seized $5,200 worth of methamphetamine, marijuana, and prescription medication.

In a statement released Tuesday, Union County Sheriff David Taylor announced the arrest of Jeremy Michel Ginn, 38, 113 Abbotts Ford Drive, Simpsonville, for trafficking meth, two counts of possession of Schedule IV narcotics, and driving under suspension second offense.

Taylor also announced the arrest of Lauren Danielle Whitmire, 18, 3472 Gray Court, for trafficking meth and possession of marijuana.

Ginn’s and Whitmire’s arrest grew out of information Taylor said Union County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics officers received on April 19 about a prearranged methamphetamine delivery that was being made to Union County. Taylor said the operative contacted Lt. Sherfield and told him that Jeremy Ginn was in Cross Anchor and that he was driving a white Lexus with chrome rims with 20 inch low profile tires. He said that Lt. Sherfield and Sgt. Gilstrap were at the Lil’ Cricket in Cross Anchor in an undercover vehicle. While there, Taylor said they observed a white female pumping gas into the vehicle. He said the officers observed a white Lexus proceed east on Highway 49 toward Union.

Taylor said that Lt. Sherfield had contacted deputies with marked units to stop the Lexus near Cross Keys Fire Department. When it was stopped there, Taylor said the Lexus was being driven by Ginn who was arrested for driving under suspension. He said that Whitmire, who was the passenger in the car, was read her Miranda rights and later arrested at the scene.

At the time of her arrest, Taylor said Whitmire had a large bag of meth on her person and also marijuana in her bag. He said that as officers searched the vehicle they discovered a grocery sack with approximately 16 grams of methamphetamine and a glass meth pipe, a book bag with 1 gram of meth inside, a can of cutting agent in the back seat, scales, and an unknown powder in the console.

In addition to the drugs they found, Taylor said officers also seized the Lexus along with $1,413 in cash. Taylor said the vehicle and the cash were signed over to the Sheriff’s Office by Ginn. He added that when Ginn was arrested he also had 15 pills of Clonazepam and 12 pills of Alprazolam in a pill bottle.

All together, Taylor said the methamphetamine, marijuana and pills seized had a total street value of approximately $5,200.

Taylor commended his officers involved in this case and stated that this continues to prove the kind of massive drug problems that are battled everyday in Union County.

Jeremy Michael Ginn Michael Ginn

Lauren Danielle Whitmire Danielle Whitmire
More than $5,000 worth of drugs seized

Special to The Times

This story was submitted by the Union County Sheriff’s Office.

This story was submitted by the Union County Sheriff’s Office.

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