Fire destroys couple’s home

Courtesy photo Flames burn through the roof of this house at 168 Wedgewood Road Sunday evening. The fire, which was caused by a short in the house’s breaker box, left Jim and Cindy Smith homeless. A relative of the Smiths has set up a gofundme website to raise donations to help the couple get back on their feet.

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Firefighters spray water onto what’s left of a house at 168 Wedgewood Road, Jonesville Sunday evening. The fire, which was caused by an electrical short, destroyed the house and all of its contents except for a family Bible.

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This gutted section is all that remains standing of a house at 168 Wedgewood Road, Jonesville. The house was destroyed by a fire Sunday evening and its residents were left homeless. A gofundme website has been set up to raise funds to help the victims of the fire.

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Ashes and charred pieces of metal are all that remains of most of a house at 168 Wedgewood Road, Jonesville as of Monday morning. The house was destroyed by a fire that broke out when a short occurred in the breaker box. A gofundme website has been set up to raise funds to help the couple left homeless by the blaze.

JONESVILLE — A couple who lost everything but a family Bible to a fire Sunday evening is getting some help getting back on their feet through a gofundme website set up by a family member.

Capt. DJ Long of the Jonesville Fire Department said Monday morning that his department was dispatched to 168 Wedgewood Road in the Jonesville area around 6:30 p.m. Sunday in response a house fire. Long said that when firefighters arrived on the scene they found three quarters of the house fully engulfed in flames. He said firefighters from his department and the Bonham and Kelly-Kelton fire departments were on the scene for two and a half hours putting out the fire but were unable to save the building.

Long said the fire was electrical in nature, the result of a short in the breaker box.

Though the house was a total loss, Long said that neither the residents nor any of the firefighters were injured by the blaze.

With their house and nearly all of their belongings in it destroyed, Jim and Cindy Smith were left homeless by the fire and, according to their niece, Ashley Moore, are now having to reside with friends as they attempt to put their life back together.

The Smiths are getting some help in this courtesy of Moore who said Monday that she has set up a gofundme account to collect donations for the couple. She said the site,, is designed to allow people to make online donations to help the Smiths.

“It’s a donation website,” Moore said. “You can go to that website and donate what you can. Right now we’re at $100 since yesterday. The website can run as long as we want it to and at the end of it I’ll give the money to Cindy and that way they can put it in their account and buy whatever they need.”

Moore said the Smith’s lost everything to the fire except for a Bible that had once belonged to Cindy Smith’s mother.

“They lost everything, the only thing that survived was her mother’s Bible, it wasn’t touched at all,” Moore said. “I’ve always heard Bibles don’t burn and now I’ve seen that for myself.”

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