Corinth Baptist vandalized

Charles Warner | The Union Daily Times An exterior wall of Corinth Baptist Church in downtown Union was defaced with this graffitti sometime Thursday night. The graffitti includes a peace sign, the words “Love Is All Love” and heart with what appears to be a rainbow in the center. The incident is being investigated by the Union Public Safety Department.

UNION — The Union Public Safety Department is investigating the defacing of a wall of a Union church with graffiti.

The incident report states that an officer was dispatched to Corinth Baptist Church, 302 N. Herndon St., late Friday morning where he met with Arthur Barrett Jr. Barrett told the officer that he’d received a call around 11 a.m. from the John Jeter, the church custodian, who said that someone had written on the side of the church.

When he got to the church, Barrett said he found that someone had written the words “Love Is All Love” on the side of the church and had also drawn rainbow signs on the wall.

The report states that the incident occurred sometime between midnight and 11 a.m. Friday, July 3 and that chalk may been used to write and draw on the building. It states that the damage to the building is estimated at $200.

As of Monday morning, the graffiti, including the phrase “Love Is All Love” along with a peace sign and a heart with a rainbow in the center of it were still on the side of the church. Barrett, who is chairman of the Deacon Board at Corinth, said that he and fellow church member Mickey Gist had been trying to clean off the graffiti. He said that before they began trying to clean it off, the graffiti had also included the phrases “One Love” and “M/Z.”

Barrett said he didn’t know who would want to deface the church or what their motive for doing so might be.

“I have no idea who did it or why they did it,” Barrett said.

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