Traffic stops lead to arrests

Suspects face drug, other charges

Marcus Gist

Tyrese Crawford

Conley Holmes

UNION — Two traffic stops this week resulted in three men being arrested on drug charges with one of them also arrested for traffic violations and the other two also facing weapons charges.

Tuesday, April 12

Marcus Lashawn Gist, 34, 301 Foster St., Union, and Tyrese Deshaun Crawford, 17, 308 Alman St., #S7, Jonesville are each charged by the Union Public Safety Department with possession with intent to distribute marijuana, possession of crack cocaine, possession of drug paraphernalia, and unlawful possession of a firearm.

The incident report states that on April 12 officers were informed by disptch of a reckless driver on Thompson Boulevard passing the Public Safety headquarters headed south. Dispatch stated that the vehicle, which was described as brown in color, was all over the road. Another officer then notified the officers being dispatched that he had observed a vehicle matching the description given out by dispatch at Main and Pinkney streets.

The report states the officer then initiated a traffic stop of the vehicle, described as a four-door Chevrolet, on Gault Avenue. Upon the initiation of the traffic stop, the report states that passenger in the Chevrolet exited the vehicle and fled on foot behind a Gault Avenue residence.

When speaking with the driver, subsequently identified as Crawford, the report states an officer observed Crawford spit out of his mouth a white rock-like substance believed to be crack cocaine and then stepped on it with his foot. Crawford was detained by the officer who placed him in a patrol vehicle.

The report states that when having Crawford exit the Chevrolet, an officer smelled what he believed to be marijuana coming from the vehicle.

Also detained at the scene was the passenger in the left rear seat, subsequently identified as Gist, who was placed in a patrol vehicle.

The report states that during their search of the Chevrolet, officers located baggie containing a green leafy substance believed to be marijuana in the drivers side front door compartment. It also states that the search turned up a small Ziploc baggie with a white powder residue inside believed to be crack cocaine in the left rear passenger seat where Gist had been sitting.

In the floorboard area where Gist’s feet had been, the report states officers found a black backpack with a blue bag inside containing six .22 caliber bullets. The search also turned up a green and black backpack containing marijuana residue, a unloaded black semiautomatic pistol, and an empty magazine.

On the ground outside the front passenger door where the subjected who had fled the scene had exited the vehicle, the report states officers found a clear plastic container with a white lid. Upon examining the container, the report states officers found several individually wrapped baggies with a green leafy substance believed to be marijuana inside along with a set of scales used to weigh drugs.

A search of the right rear passenger seat compartment are between the top and bottom section turned up a small white plastic tube the report states is used to store Aspirin-type medicine in with a cap and a piece of plastic bag sticking out from underneath the camp. An examination of the contents turned up a plastic baggie containing two white rock-like substances believed to be crack cocaine.

Crawford and Gist were then both read their Miranda Rights and transported to the Union County Jail for booking.

The report states investigations is working to identify and locate the individual who fled the scene.

Wednesday, April 13

Conley Boyd Holmes, 20, 856 Gaffney Highway, Jonesville, is charged by the Public Safety Department with failure to dim his car’s headlights, failure to stop for a blue light, seat-belt violation, and possession with intent to distribute marijuana.

The incident report states that on April 13, an officer observed a white car traveling on Rice Avenue towards the North Duncan Bypass fail to dim its headlights. The officer made a traffic stop on the vehicle and identified the driver as Holmes. The officer informed Holmes of the violation and also notice he was not wearing a seat-belt. He then asked Holmes if there were any illegal drugs in the vehicle and the report states Holmes told him no.

The officer then explained to Holmes that he had probable cause to search his car and asked him to turn it off. As the officer went to open the drivers side door, the report states Holmes took off at a high rate of speed on Springdale Drive.

Getting back into their patrol vehicle, the officers pursued Holmes and notified dispatch that the pursuit was headed toward Thompson Boulevard. The report states Holmes stopped in the 200 block of Springdale Drive where Holmes was arrested for failure to stop for a blue light.

A search of the area where Holmes stopped turned up two small Mason jars in a nearby yard the report states had been thrown out of the car. The report states one jar contained a green leafy substance believed to be marijuana while the other contained clear plastic bags. It further states that officers also found two glass bongs, a set of digital scales, a pack of Wiz Khalifa rolling papers, and $497 in cash.

Holmes was transported to the jail and booked.

Crime Reports

The Union County Sheriff’s Office reported the following arrests:

— A 10-year-old juvenile was charged with malicious damage and a 13-year-old juvenile charged with disorderly conduct in connection with an incident that occurred on Balsam Street in Union on April 8.

The incident report states the victim told the responding deputy that he’d left his residence when two juveniles walked out in front of his vehicle causing him to stop to avoid hitting them. The victim said that as he drove away the younger juvenile picked up a rock and hit his car with it. He said he then went into a nearby store and when he returned he called 911.

The report states the deputy observed that the front of the victim’s car had a dent in it. It further states that the car already had some paint chips, but that the dent appeared to be fresh. Photos were taken of the vehicle for evidence.

The deputy then went to the home of the two juveniles to speak with them. Both juveniles came out to the street where the deputy asked the younger of the two if he’d thrown a rock at the vehicle. The juvenile said he didn’t throw anything at it, but the deputy replied he’d seen it on camera. The 10-year-old then said he threw a rock but that it didn’t hit the car.

While the deputy was speaking to the 10-year-old, the report states the 13-year-old started yelling and cursing and punched the road with his hand. He then walked back to his residence and hit a door with his hand before entering.

The 10-year-old then started to go back into the residence, but the deputy told their grandfather to have them come back out. They both did and the report states the 13-year-old started yelling again and told the deputy that he was going to have to take him to jail. The deputy then handcuffed the 13-year-old and detained him, trying to talk to him but the juvenile refused to listen. The 13-year-old was then transported to the Sheriff’s Office where he was charged with disorderly conduct.

The report states the 10-year-old was charged with malicious damage and turned over to his grandfather who later came to the Sheriff’s Office where the 13-year-old was turned over to him as well.

— Jeffrey Lee Davis, 43, 236 Haney Road, Buffalo, was charged around 4:01 a.m. April 12 with public intoxication.

— Jason Hyatt Wallace, 38, 1014 Linersville Road, Union, was charged around 8:21 p.m. April 12 with breach of peace.

— Alan Z. Edwards Jr., 20, 112 Carolyn Drive, Spartanburg, was charged around 12:26 a.m. April 13 with domestic violence third-degree.

— Rhonda Denise Johnson, 38, 614 Belcher Road, Boiling Springs, was charged around 1:15 p.m. April 12 with breach of trust, grand larceny, and unlawful neglect.

The Union Public Safety Department reported the following arrests:

— Macie Louise Bell, 41, 203 Hicks St., Union, was charged around 5:23 p.m. April 9 with driving under suspension.

— Devan Tremaine Carter, 30, 203 Walter Street, Spartanburg, was charged around 2:15 p.m. April 12 with two counts of shoplifting.

— Rashad Akim Green, 22, 1111 Lakeside Drive, #F15, Union, was charged around 3:25 p.m. April 13 with operating an uninsured vehicle, driving on the sidewalk, and having no vehicle license.

— Manson Ray Garner Jr., 61, 1007 N. Pinckney St., Union, was charged around 11:20 a.m. April 13 with driving under suspension.

— Two Union County High School students were arrested around 1:30 p.m. April 12 and charged with disorderly conduct (fighting).

The Union County Sheriff’s Office repored the following incidents:

— A deputy was dispatched April 8 to a residence on Hancock Street in Union in reference to a break-in that had already occurred. Upon arrival, the deputy spoke with the victim who said that she’d left her home to go to work around 7:30 p.m. April 7. The victim said she’d locked her front door with a padlock on the outside like she always does. She said that when she returned home at 8:30 a.m. she noticed the padlock had been unsecured from her door. The victim said she then called 911.

The deputy then searched the residence and once he determined it was clear, the victim came inside and inspected her home. The report states that a 55-inch RCA flatscreen TV valued at $2,000 was missing from the house.

— A deputy was dispatched April 7 to a residence on West Main Street, Union, in reference to a report of identity theft. The victim said that at 11 a.m. April 6 he noticed his phone was not working. He said he continued to try and use his phone throughout the day and it would not work.

The victim said he went to the Verizon store to see what was the problem with his phone. He said Verizon informed him his phone was deactivated because an upgrade had been done on his account for a new phone. The victim said he told Verizon he did not do this and they conducted an investigation. He said that Verizon then told him that someone had went into an Apple store in California and used his identity to purchase two brand new iPhones on his account. The victim said Verizon told him the phones would be charged to his account on his next bill in the amount of $900.

— A deputy was dispatched April 4 to a residence on Poinsett Street, Union in reference to a larceny. The victim told the deputy that someone stole his Honda CRF70 dirt bike from his yard. He said the bike is red with a black front fender and a black letter J painted on the number plate on the side.

The report states the dirt bike is valued at $800.

— On April 9, a deputy was directed to contact a Union woman about harassing phone calls. The victim said she has been receiving phone calls at 2 a.m. and 3 a.m. in the mornings from an unknown female who always calls from a blocked number. She said the caller uses foul language, makes threats, and says personal information about her family.

— A deputy was dispatched April 9 to a residence on the Kelly Road where he spoke with the victim who said that he and his family had been on vacation the previous week during which someone broke into their home and stole several items.

The victim said there was no sign of forced entry, but that the doors and windows to his home were locked when they went on vacation. He said he’d spoken with neighbors who said they had not seen anyone around the residence.

The report states the items stolen had a combined value of $2,155 including:

• Playstation 4 with three games ($550)

• Nintendo Wii System with one controller ($350)

• X Box System with two controllers and two games ($350)

• Emerson 32 Flat Screen TV ($200)

• Emerson 40 Flatscreen TV ($150)

• Element 50 Flatscreen TV ($300)

• A pair or Nike tennis shoes and a pair of Nike Labron James tennis ($255)

— A resident of Browns’ Creek Church Road in Jonesville reported April 9 that he had his Galaxy table taken out of his residence while he sleeping. The victim said it was on the stand beside the couch when he went to sleep and it was gone the next morning. He said the doors were unlocked while he was asleep, but does not know who might have came into his home.

The tablet is valued at $300.

— A deputy was dispatched April 9 to Edwards Road in Carlisle in reference to a break-in at a hunt camp. The victim told the deputy that someone broke in and maliciously damages his hunt camp. Nothing, however, was taken from the camp.

The report states damage to the camp was estimated at $940.

— On April 11, the Regional Director for AMI Kids/Camp White Pines came to the Sheriff’s Office to report verbal threats made to his facility at 742 T Bishop Road, Jonnesville. He said that sometime over the weekend, someone called the camp and left a message that was threatening in nature. The director said that the individual had called again that morning, cursing and yelling at the staff.

The investigation into the incident is continuing and the report states security levels at the facility have been raised and the Sheriff’s Office is doing extra patrols there as well.

— A Union resident came to the Sheriff”s Office on April 11 to report that an unknown individual had opened what appears to be three different accounts at the TD Bank in his name without his permission, knowledge or consent. The victim said he had had contacted the bank on March 30 and April 1 and advised that he has not opened any accounts and the bank told him that they had been opened online, not in one of their brick and mortar buildings. The Fraud Officer from the bank advised that he needed to get a police report for them to continue the investigation. The three statements the victim has shows that the accounts information goes back to February 26, 2016. He does not have any information about who may have opened these accounts in his name or how they may have gotten his personal financial information.

— A resident of Sulphur Springs Road in Jonesville came to the Sheriff’s Office on April 11 to report that her iPad computer was missing from her home. The victim stated that the iPad was taken from her home between April 3 and April 5. She said it was the only item missing from her home.

The report states the iPad is valued at $500.

— On April 11 a deputy was dispatched to a residence on Blue Ridge Road in reference to vandalism. The victim said he’d came out to his car that morning and notice someone had scratched the vehicle with an unknown object.

The report states that the damage to the car is estimated at $500.

The Union Public Safety Department reported the following incidents:

— An officer was dispatched on April 10 to a residence on Wilbur Street in reference to a larceny. The victim told the officer that a row of eight outdoor lights were ripped out of the ground and stolen. She said that one of her plants was ripped out of her garden and stolen.

The victim said the light were purchased through an online catalog and came in a pack with two B light strands which cost approximately $20. She said the lights were outside when she went to church at 10:30 a.m. but were gone when she returned home around 1 p.m.

— An officer was dispatched April 10 to a residence on Rice Avenue Extension where the victim told him that someone had taken some screws from her left front center cap on her car. The officer asked the victim when she noticed the screws were missing and she said around 2 p.m., adding that she did not know when they went missing.

The report states the screws are valued at $50.

— An officer was dispatched April 9 to a residence on Willow Lane in reference to a disturbance. The victim told the officer that he got in his car and was attempting to drive off when he noticed there were scratches on the hood. He said he’d last seen the hood without scratches on April 8. The victim said that he had no idea who could have done this.

The report states that damage to the car is estimated at $1,000.

— An officer was dispatched April 8 to a resident on Powell Street in reference to a larceny. The victim said he was missing lawn mower equipment. He said that when he came out to mow his grass that morning he noticed his blue gas container was missing. The victim said the container will with gasoline at the time.

The report states that stolen item is valued at $10.

— An officer received a call on April 13 from a woman who said a black male had attempted to obtain money from her while in front of a bank on Main Street.

Marcus Gist Gist

Tyrese Crawford Crawford

Conley Holmes Holmes
Suspects face drug, other charges
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