Music Club holds April meeting

Fundraiser discussed, award winner announced

UNION — The April meeting of the Union Music Club took place on Tuesday, April 12, 2016, at 7 p.m. at the Union County Museum. President Tommy Bishop welcomed everyone in attendance and thanked the hostesses, Mrs. George Goings, Mrs. Sam Elliott, and Mrs. W. J. Whitener, for the delicious refreshments. The members recited the Invocation and the Federation Collect. Then the members sang the Federation Hymn and the song, from the “Together We Sing” songbook, entitled “Eternal Father, Strong To Save” accompanied by Mrs. George Goings.

Reports And Discussions

Reverend Sanders Read, club treasurer, provided the treasury report. There was a discussion whether or not to send a donation to the Young Artist’s Fund. Mrs. Johnny Turner made the motion to send a donation, and Mrs. James Stepp seconded that motion. It was also announced that the treasury books had been audited, and everything was in perfect order.

Secretary, Miss Sally Summers, presented the minutes of the March meeting which were approved.

There was a discussion about the funds in the Spartanburg Foundation and a decision was made about which Arion Medal to purchase for the Union County High School Band member.

The upcoming fundraiser presenting Dr. Brennan Szafron was discussed, and a flyer about the concert was distributed. It was announced that the information about the concert was sent to WBCU Radio station, several newspapers, and Facebook. All members were asked to bring a food or party item for the reception following the concert. Those writing a check to pay for concert tickets were asked to make it out to the Union Music Club.

Award Winner Announced

President Tommy Bishop asked for any reports from the club committees. The Scholarship Committee presented a report, and the winner of the Boinest-Morgan Medal was announced. The members voted on the type of medal to purchase for the Boinest-Morgan Medal.

Study Course Concludes

Member, Mrs. James Stepp, presented the last part of the study course from the book entitled, Victor Borge’s My Favorite Comedies in Music. Johannes Brahms was the main topic of study.


The meeting concluded with the singing of the Benediction song entitled “The Gift of Song” written by Lana Bailey and accompanied by President Tommy Bishop.
Fundraiser discussed, award winner announced

This story courtesy of the Union Music Club.

This story courtesy of the Union Music Club.

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