Coming together to raise $6,000

Twelve Days of Christmas a collaborative effort

By Charles Warner -

Lee Wilburn

Marty Shugart

Mary Jo Sanders

Gator Hudson

Timmy Wilburn

Christy Wilburn

Neil McKeown

Butch Foster

Dottie Rogers

Amy Knox

Vicki Nalls

UNION COUNTY — At Christmas one community charitable organization can raise funds for a good cause but several groups cooperating together can raise even more for their respective causes.

The Twelve Day of Christmas is an annual fundraising event sponsored by the Union County Aid and Relief Effort (UCARE), an organization of county employees that raises funds to support community charitable and other activities. The group raises funds to help with a variety of charitable causes ranging from helping impoverished families who can’t afford to buy their children Christmas presents to helping even poorer families who need help paying their utility bills to helping families who have lost their homes to fire.

In order to help raise those funds, UCARE sponsors the Twelve Days of Christmas, selling tickets for a chance to have the buyer’s name entered into a drawing that takes place during 12 days leading up to Christmas. Each person whose name is drawn receives a check for $100.

As in the past, UCARE sponsored this year’s Twelve Day of Christmas, once again selling tickets for a chance at winning the prizes put up by the group. This year, however, UCARE had a lot of help doing so.

UCARE Chairman Ronnie Wade said Wednesday that this year’s fundraiser was different from previous ones in that the group partnered with a number of other local charitable groups. Wade said that UCARE had previously worked with Meals on Wheels with both groups selling tickets for the drawings. He said that the partnership had been very successful at raising funds to support both groups efforts. As a result, Wade said this year the decision was made to partner with several local groups, all of whom would help UCARE sell tickets for the drawing of the Twelve Days of Christmas contest.

Wade said the collaboration between the groups made this year’s effort was one of the most successful of all, raising as much as $6,000. He said the money raised will be divided equally between UCARE and the other participating groups.

“We provided the tickets and the posters and we put up the $1,200 in prize money,” Wade said. “The others did not have to put up any money, they just had to sell the tickets. The money they raised was divided between us and them. They each got to keep half of what they raised to use for their work and the balance went to us for our activities.”

Wade thanked the groups that collaborated with UCARE and also thanked WBCU which handled the drawings and announced the winners on the air. He also thanked the winners of the contest and all the other Union County residents whose contributions helped make this year’s Twelve Days of Christmas fundraiser such a success.

The winners of this year’s Twelve Days of Christmas contest are:

• Dec. 11 — Lee Wilburn

• Dec. 12 — Marty Shugart

• Dec. 13 — Mary Jo Sanders

• Dec. 14 — Eric Wade

• Dec. 15 — Gator Hudson

• Dec. 16 — Timmy Wilburn

• Dec. 17 — Christy Wilburn

• Dec. 18 — Neil Mckeown

• Dec. 19 — Butch Foster

• Dec. 20 — Dottie Rogers

• Dec. 21 — Amy Knox

• Dec. 22 — Vicki Nalls

Lee Wilburn Wilburn

Marty Shugart Shugart

Mary Jo Sanders Jo Sanders

Gator Hudson Hudson

Timmy Wilburn Wilburn

Christy Wilburn Wilburn

Neil McKeown McKeown

Butch Foster Foster

Dottie Rogers Rogers

Amy Knox Knox

Vicki Nalls Nalls
Twelve Days of Christmas a collaborative effort

By Charles Warner

Charles Warner can be reached at 864-762-4090 or

Charles Warner can be reached at 864-762-4090 or

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