Book tells the story of ‘JellyBean’

NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. – Certified dog lover and author Eva Patton shares a story, which she says was dictated to her by her beloved Wire Fox Terrier, “JellyBean” (published by Xlibris). This dog’s rich life experiences and stories seek to entertain readers and give them a closer glimpse at one canine’s exciting life and adventures.

This ‘pawtobiography’ was written to tell the life story of a very beguiling and active terrier. The times in her life were both miserable and wonderful and unusual. What other dog, Patton wonders, was driven to New York City in a limousine? This is a book parents themselves can enjoy and take great pleasure reading to their children.

Patton believes that life is not always milk and biscuits and through JellyBean’s life story, she shows the struggles of growing up, learning how to make good decisions and developing a conscience. The dog’s story is a reflection of all dogs’ experiences and a mirror of a person’s journey as well.

An excerpt reads:

Long ago, Dogma told me and my littermates there comes a time when every puppy must have his very own family. Dogs are loved by people for many reasons, and it is one of the most wonderful things in the entire world when a human pack, or family, comes to our kennel to find some of its happiness. With these thoughts, I prayed to Saint Bernard for my very own family. Eventually, they came, and in the fourteen plus years I shared with them, my life had both wonderful and miserable times. The hardest thing was learning right and wrong. I am JellyBean. I am a Wire Fox Terrier. This is my story. Not a word of this is untrue.


By Eva Patton

Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 168 pages | ISBN 9781514408254

Softcover | 6 x 9in | 168 pages | ISBN 9781514408247

E-Book | 168 pages | ISBN 9781514408230

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About the Author

At 10 years of age, Eva Patton got her first Wire Fox Terrier, Buzzy, a much loved pet. Many years later, JellyBean entered her life and together, they had a good amount of success participating in the American Kennel Club’s activities of dog shows and obedience trials. Jelly also did a good deal of ad and commercial work. Later, agility was an additional dog and owner sport performed with an Irish Terrier, Tootsie Rose, and another Wire Fox, Buddy. Both of these dogs competed extremely well. Patton enjoys dogs still, but at a more leisurely pace. Her other interests include gardening, writing and singing Italian arias. She and her husband, David, have traveled from Tasmania to Alaska and greatly enjoy visiting the United Kingdom at least once every year. At home now, in South Carolina, the Pattons have two Australian Shepherds, go figure, and Harry, an Irish Terrier.

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