An evening of interactive art, music and dance

By Charles Warner cwarner@civitasmedia.com

July 22, 2014

UNION — The Union County Health Care Foundation will hold an interactive evening of art, music and dance on all three floors of the USC Union Main Building to help raise funds to help pay for the construction of a new helipad next to Wallace Thomson Hospital.

Foundation Executive Director Catherine Childers said that “Art & Soul,” which will be held from 7-10 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 23, will offer the people of Union County a unique opportunity to experience three art forms in a single evening.

“The Union County Health Care Foundation will take over the USC Union Main Building for the evening,” Childers said. “It’s something that the health care foundation is very, very excited about. To my knowledge there’s not another event like this in Union.

“You can go anywhere to listen to music or see art, but we want to do something that takes all those elements and make them interactive,” she said. “This will give the public the opportunity to enjoy music; observe, learn about and even paint art; and also learn how to dance.”

Childers said that “Art & Soul” will be held on all three floors of the Main Building with each floor dedicated to a specific art form.


“On the third floor, where the auditorium is located, there will be three live bands,” Childers said. “Each will represent a different genre of music and each will play at a different time.”


“On the second floor we will have a small art gallery featuring spotlight artist Beki Reynolds,” Childers said. “We will have painting classes instructed by Ashlee Tolleson with ‘Paint It Up.’ We will also have a gentleman, Ronald Williams, who will be painting throughout the evening.

“We will also have what we are calling ‘Leave Your Mark’ where everyone who attends the event will be able to paint on a canvas,” she said. “By the end of the evening the canvas will be a work of art by the community.”


“On the first floor we’ll have Amanda Gregory-Leigh teaching dance lessons,” Childers said. “Some lessons will include ‘Shag’ and various line dances. Music will be provided by DJ Michael J. Phillips.”

Childers said those who attend will not be confined to any one floor but instead be able to move back and forth between the floors and the art forms displayed on each throughout the night.

Tickets to the event itself costs $15 and Childers said the ticket will enable the purchaser to enjoy the bands playing on the third floor and the music played by the DJ on the first floor; tour the gallery, observe the artist paint, and leave their mark on the canvas on the second floor.

Childers said that those who want to take the painting class will have to pay an extra $20, but will not only be able to take the class, but take home with them the painting they produce. She said the dance class will cost an additional $5 per person per class.

The tickets are on sale at Midway BBQ, WBCU, Paradise Home Center, and Wallace Thomson Hospital.

In addition to the businesses helping sell the tickets, the event has the support of a growing number of corporate sponsors which at this time includes Arthur State Bank and Lockhart Power.


Childers all the funds raised through the sale of tickets to the event and through the art class and the dance class will go toward achieving the foundation’s goal of raising $20,000 to help pay for the construction of a helipad next to Wallace Thomson Hospital.

The purpose of building the helipad is to provide a safer and more efficient method of transporting patients from Union to an area trauma center. Currently, the hospital must notify an ambulance to transport patients from the ER to the nearby City Park ball field on Main Street. The City of Union Public Safety Department must then clear the field and protect the area for the landing and takeoff of the helicopter ambulances at the ball field.

In addition to the funds raised by the foundation, the district will use $120,000 from a two-year grant from the Timken Foundation of Canton, Ohio to help pay for the construction of the helipad.

For more information about “Art & Soul” call 864-301-2466.

The Union County Health Care Foundation is a proud partner with American HomePatient, your respiratory provider of choice. The partnership generates revenue for the foundation which uses it pay all of its administrative costs so that any and all funds it raises goes to support the hospital district.