Able South Carolina offering free health program

July 20, 2014

UNION — Able South Carolina is excited to offer “Healthier Habits for a Happier You,” a free health program for Union County residents funded by United Way of the Piedmont.

“We are almost finished with the first of three workshops,” said Independent Living Specialist Amy Austin. “Each week I hear such positive things from the participants about things they’ve learned and applied in their daily lives. It’s exciting to see how involved the participants are, looking forward to me coming each week.”

“Healthier Habits for a Happier You” is a free series for individuals with disabilities ages 16 and older who want to learn more about making better choices to improve their health. Participants who have any type of disability or chronic health condition are invited to attend. We have made it convenient for busy schedules by offering an evening class time as well as morning sessions. Eating healthy, exercising, managing stress, solving problems and setting goals are all key components to everyone being healthy and happy.

This series is unique in that it is tailored for individuals with disabilities who may have not been given information in a way that is relevant to their specific situation. For instance, at “Healthier Habits,” individuals with physical disabilities can learn exercises adapted to their needs. Individuals with intellectual disabilities can receive information broken down into easy-to-understand concepts. Also, since the program is available only in Union County, residents can get information that relates specifically to the resources available to them locally.

Evening sessions will be from 6-7:30 p.m. beginning on Tuesday, July 22, and ending on Aug. 26. If a morning time suits you better, there will be another series offered from 10-11:30 a.m. beginning on Aug. 25 and ending on Sept. 29. It is important to register in advance by calling 864-235-1421, 864-235-1421, TTY 864-235-8798, or emailing aaustin@able-sc.org so that we have adequate supplies available. Each participant who completes the series will receive a free manual, healthy recipes, a reusable water bottle, and an exercise band.