Who, What, When & Where Of Whitmire: Upcoming events and people in the news

Cassie J. Fowler Contributing Columnist

April 8, 2014

Hello everybody, welcome to spring! We hope its spring to stay. As always Grandma used to say “An Easter cold snap will be here, directly.” Love those old, folksy colloquialisms don’t you


Gottrocks The Birthday Fairy texted in the birthdays, so lets get to it. Happy Birthday to: Helen Nickles, Brandon Alexander, Shawn Taylor, Joyce Guinn,Jonnnie Peay, Gene Duckett, Travis Newsome,Heather B. Merritt, Mayr Rice, Susan P. McDaniels, Rhonda Burleson, Megan Thrift, Betty J. Ramsey, Joyce J. Bostic, John Bostic, Bridgette Stephens, Sadie Wilbanks, and Betty F. Boulware.

Best Feel Good Wishes

We send our best feel good wishes to Alicia C. Taylor, Harry Felker, Jimmy Hollingsworth, and Wallace Alexander.

Upcoming Local News And Events

The Whitmire Jaycees annual Easter Egg Hunt is Friday, April 13 at Heritage Park. Meet at the picnic shelter. Various age groups, and a chance to find the prize egg. Refreshments will be served, parents and volunteers are welcome.

The make up rain date is Good Friday, April 18 at 3 p.m., same location.

The Jaycees can be contacted on Their Facebook page and their e-mail:whitmirejaycees@yahoo.com

The Whitmire Economic Development Board members have a Mothers Day Saturday special event planned for Saturday, May 3. Details will be posted on their Facebook page.

The members are also partnering with committees and civic groups Chester, Fairfield, Union, Laurens counties, for the upcoming I-26To I-77 Yard Sale in June.

People In The News

Kelsey Folks is burning up the basketball courts. Kelsey recently played in the AAU Tournament in Jacksonville, NC. Her team won, and she brought a trophy back to Newberry County.

Kelsey is a 8th grader at Newberry Middle School and is playing varsity level basketball. She is the granddaughter of Emma Jeter of Whitmire.

Allrighty Dear Readers, time to let Garabund The Deadline Fairy do his thing. He just blew wing dust and pollen all over my keyboards. At least he can send the column in via his Smartphone. Until next week, feel free to send your news and photos to: news2cassie@yahoo.com