News Around Lockhart: Deer running at night, and reactions to the earthquake

Connie Porter Contributing Columnist

February 22, 2014

Well I just got back from Spartanburg (for the second time today, but that’s another story), and we saw a lot of deer on the sides of the road, grazing on the grass. Two by the Kohler plant, one ran across in front of us in Jonesville, a couple of places on # 9 and one on the bank across from Richard Gregory’s.

One tiny rabbit, and a cat ran across the road also. It was just a nice night for a run.


What about the tremor from the earthquake the other day? Gina asked me what the noise was, and I said it was just someone racing up the road (as usual), she thought someone was on the porch, since the gate rattled. I looked outside but didn’t see a thing.

Then Chuck called and said he thought Bubba was trying to come in since his door rattled. Then it started pounding, and the things on his shelves started moving, so Big Brave Chuck gets his gun. He thought someone was trying to break in. (Until he heard about the quake on the scanner.)

Laura Dabbs thought a car hit her house, and the rumbling floor was Olan walking in the hallway.

Another of my customers woke up to a rumble under her bed, she looked under it and then just thought maybe she was just getting sick, so she sat up all night.

Anita said her door shook, and Marvin didn’t hear or feel anything. I think he was napping in the recliner!

Trash Picked Up

If any of you noticed in Lockhart, Johnson’s Sanitation picked up the trash on Sunday. Thank you. I’ll be they had a time catching up. I’m surprised that I didn’t received any calls during the snow wanting to know when they’d be here.

Gorgeous Weather

Look how gorgeous it was today. In the 70’s (Wednesday).

Forgotten Comb

I went to the nursing home (Heartland, used to be Oakmont), Monday. I shampooed Tug Lee’s hair, she is living in the residential part now. I also did Marlene Shugart’s hair, and she really needs all of your prayers.

And as all of you beauticians know that when you go to places like this you have to take the whole beauty shop with you. So as I’m packing my bag up I keep going over in my head just what I need, and I cross check. Guess what I forgot?! A comb!! One of the most essential things you need.

Thank goodness Tug had one. But I told her that I was going to bring extras and leave in her room, in case I do it again.

A Blonde Moment

Oh I’ve got to tell you this one: Chuck’s blonde moment. He called his nephew, Bubba (Marty Reardon, who works for Union Medical Supplies), to see what he was up to and if he was going over to Chuck’s.

Well, anyway, he’s talking to him while driving up his road, into the drive, parked, got out and went into the house. Then he told Bubba that he had to let him go because he lost his cell phone and had to look for it. DUH! Just what did he think he’d been talking on. Well he had to call me on that one.


Well Gina got me started on Facebook and I have no idea what to do.

I tried to send messages, but didn’t know how to send them. Well I thought I sent them, but Gina said I didn’t push enter. So nobody heard from me, so sorry! I’ll keep trying. I get frustrated real fast, because I feel I should know these things.

And as I try for myself, Gina will come in and take over, and how can I learn if she does everything for me. So I just shut down, and wait for another time. So those of you that sent requests please have patience with me.


We haven’t done birthdays in a while so let’s try a few: Pug Palmer had one on the 19th of February. On the 21st, Todd Scarborough, Sue Palmer (pray for her daughter Jaimie), and Trudy Smith.

Tammy Childers will be the big 40 on the 22nd, I’ll just bet her husband and friends will make a big deal with that one. Happy birthday, I’m just trying to make that day special for you, Tammy.

Susie McCutcheon’s is the 24th. Brad McCollum and Yvonne Rash on the 26th. On the 27th are Greg Garner, Lynn Vaughn, Candi Houghten, Dennis Roark. On the 28th are Mariah Boler and Chuck Montgomery, and he won’t see 40 again.


Bud and Margaret Braddock will be having an anniversary on the 21st.

Wild Game Supper

I see that Lockhart Baptist Church is getting ready for their annual “Wild Game Supper” so you better find someone with tickets if you want to go. It’s free, but you need that ticket to get in. It will be on March 15th. I don’t see a time in their bulletin, so you’ll have to ask someone else.

It’s always held at the New Life Center on Armory Road behind the used to be Hot Spot. Now I think it’s called Lockhart One Stop. At least it’s still there.

Good Turnout

I think Charlie Conrad had a pretty good turnout at his open house for his gunsmith shop in Lockhart. This was a couple of Saturdays ago. I’m so turned around about dates since the snowfall.

No Sale

After a rough day spent corralling my rowdy kids, I’d had enough, “I think I’m going to sell them,” I hissed at my sister.

“You’re crazy,” she said.

“For thinking of selling them?”

“For thinking someone would buy them.”

Well, it’s late and so I’ll say good night and you can call me at 864-545-6652.