Who, What, When & Where Of Whitmire: Birthdays, anniversaries and a thank you

Cassie J. Fowler Contributing Columnist

January 14, 2014

Hello everyone, lots of news and events on the way, after we do our Birthday Meet & Greet. Oh it’s just a new phase and expression that Gottrocks The Birthday Fairy wants to use for more interaction. Lets try it out then.


Happy Birthday wishes to Roya Y. Smith, Jeremy Ellison, Renee Arnoild, Darrell Jenkins, Eric Thompson, Ruth Hollingsworth, Wanda H. Senn, Katie S. Hefner, Janet Buick Felker, Ann Caldwell, Max Stewart, Barbara H. Wallace, Malcolm Suber, Carolina Lindler, Tim Reardon, Charlotte C. Weber, Stacey Zobel, Sarah S. Deal, former twins residents Shell & Rankin Suber, and LaDonna Baker.


Our Happy Anniversary wishes to Mr. and Mrs. Anthony “Amp” Brown — 19 years, and Mr. and Mrs. Bill “Billy” Lindler Jr. — 26 years.

Thank You

I want to send a Big Happy Birthday and Thank You to Randall Frye. Randall is a Whitmire native who is very knowledgeable about our town’s history. He volunteers his time to maintain his Facebook page: “Whitmire Community News.” Randall’s topics include birthdays, deaths, events with information about former residents and their families. Be sure to thank Randall for his efforts to keep us linked in The Whitty.

Upcoming Community Events

The members of Whitmire’s Economic Development Board have their first event of 2014 planned. A Tag Sale aka Indoor Yard Sale planned Jan. 25 at 10 a.m. at the Whitmire Community Center. Spaces are $10 per spot. Contact Maria McMurtury via e-mail:mariamcmurtury@yahoo.com or leave a comment on the Board’s Facebook page.

TERA-Tyger Enoree River Alliance news includes an appointment of two new board members. They have applied to the FCC for their LPFM radio project and are in the middle of the plastic shell shot mitigation during the height of waterfowl season. Handmade crafts and artwork are available for sale at the TERA office on 213 Main Street, near W.E. Baker & Sons.

There will be a Father-Daughter Dance planned for Feb. 22 at The Whitmire Community Center. The dance is the first of its kind in Whitmire and we hope that daughters and their dads, and/or father figures in their lives will enjoy this memorable occasion together. Rev. Todd Johnson will be the evening’s guest speaker. A photo booth, refreshments will be available. Contact Charlie Wilbanks on her Facebook page and Whitmire Recreation Coordinator Joey Dillard at 803-694-0198 or 803-924-4057 or leave a comment on the Recreations’ Facebook page.

The Evans Street Church Of God will be having a Chicken Stew Sale featuring Otis Jenning’s Famous Chicken Stew on Saturday, Jan. 25. Place orders with Elaine or Otis Jennings or Pastor Pore at 803-9694-3401. Pick Up at 10 a.m. in the church’s social hall.

Allrighty then, Garabund The Deadline Fairy says it’s time to wrap it up. He and Gottrocks The Birthday Fairy are planning an upcoming Valentine’s Day Bash. So folks, keep warm and we will see you next edition. In the meantime, feel free to send your group /church news and photos to: news2cassie@yahoo.com