Stevens says Internet helping expand business

Charles Warner Editor

January 4, 2014

CARLISLE — The Internet has enabled a local businesswoman to not only do business in Union County but with customers overseas.

Ann Stevens is the Union County representative of “Skinny Body Care” and a distributor of its “Skinny Fiber” dietary supplmement. Stevens, who has been with the company since July 2011, said she is also a customer and from personal experience knows how Skinny Fiber can have a positive impact on a person’s efforts to lose weight and keep it off. She said this can not only change people’s lives but also help save them.

“Over 800 people die a day in the United States from obesity so this is changing people’s lives,” Stevens said. “This gets the weight off and keeps it off if people take it as directed.

“This is a dietary supplement, a fiber supplement and it is all-natural with enzymes that help with our digestive systems,” she said. “This product has done phenomenal things in my life as well as others.”

While designed primarily to facilitate weight loss, Stevens said by enabling people to lose weight and keep it off, the supplement can also help with medical conditions that are sometimes related to obesity such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

Since becoming a Skinny Body Care representative, Stevens said her business grown and not just in Union County. She said that through her website (annstevens.eatlessfeelful.com) she has gained customers overseas including at least one who is now a company representative herself.

“There’s a great deal of networking going on with the company all over the world,” Stevens said. “We are all over Facebook now.

“I have a lady from Australia who became a customer through my website and then a representative herself,” she said. “This is happening all the time with customers becoming representatives because of the product.”

Stevens said the company is going to be profiled on Lifetime through a 13-week series called “The Balancing Act.” She said it will begin airing at 7 a.m. on weekdays beginning Jan. 22.

For more information about Skinny Fiber contact Ann Stevens at 864-427-6887 or visit annstevens.eatlessfeelfull.com.