‘Get Crunk for Christ’ celebrated

November 6, 2013

JONESVILLE — “Get Crunk for Christ” is an annual celebration held by the Youth of New Emanuel Chapel Baptist Church. Dedicated advisors and leaders work with the youth to help them plan the celebration which features youth and the young at heart to express themselves through ministry such as songs, dance and other God given gifts.

Hidden gifts are brought to light in the Kingdom which allows the youth to think out of the box, build positive relationships with one another, others, rely solely on our Creator and release the energy He has supplied us with.

The celebration was held at the Old Jonesville High School this past Sunday at 2:30 p.m.

We, the New Emanuel Chapel Youth would like to take this time to thank all that attended and participated in the furtherance of the Gospel in song and dance. If it is His will, we’ll see you next year, bigger, better and “Crunk for Christ.”

This article was written by the Rev. James L. Mason, pastor of New Emanucl Chapel Baptist Church.