Owners have until Nov. 2014 to redeem property

Charles Warner Editor

November 6, 2013

UNION COUNTY — The owners of 53 properties auctioned Monday for non-payment of property taxes have until next November to pay those taxes and retain their property.

The Union County Delinquent Tax Office held its annual auction of properties whose owners had not paid their property taxes in 2012.

Delinquent Tax Collector Lorene Bevis said that the 143 properties on the auction block at the Union County Courthouse Monday morning included parcels of land, land with mobile homes, land with houses, and mobile homes only. Of those properties placed on the block, Bevis said 53 were bid on.

Even though the properties were bid on, Bevis said the bidders will not immediately take possession of them. Instead, Bevis said the current owners still have the opportunity to retain their property.

“People have not lost their property because it was bid on,” Bevis said Tuesday. “They can redeem it, but they have to pay the two years of taxes and the interest on the bidder’s money. From the day of the sale they have a year and a day to do so.”

If, however, they do not do so by the end of that period, Bevis said their property goes to the bidder.

As for the 90 properties that were not bid on Monday, Bevis said their owners will also have the opportunity to redeem them.

“The 90 properties not bid on went to the Forfeited Land Commission,” Bevis said. “In January there will be a notice in the paper that you can come to the Auditor’s Office and do a bid assignment on the properties that were not sold.

“The same procedure will be followed,” she said. “They have a year and a day to redeem it as if it had been bid on during the tax sale.”

Bevis said the county provides property owners who have not paid county taxes on their property with the opportunity to redeem it because it prefers to have them keep it if at all possible.

“The county doesn’t want their property, we’d rather the owner have it,” Bevis said. “We do everything we can to contact them. We send out second notices, certified mail notices, reminder postcards, and telephone calls.”

For more information contact the Union County Delinquent Tax Office at 864-429-1617.

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