New Ventures restores city’s Christmas lights

Jennifer Shrader Staff writer

September 9, 2013

Summer may be hanging on like a dog to a bone, but some New Ventures “elves” are already into the Christmas spirit.

The city of LaGrange and the business have partnered to repair and refurbish the lights that hang along Lafayette Parkway.

“Over the years, we haven’t spent as much time on those lights as we should have,” City Manager Tom Hall said. “Some had missing lights or had fixtures that need changing out or painted. We’re glad to have a project we can work with them on.”

Discussions about the lights and the potential partnership started in January of 2013.

“New Ventures has been working on the lights since early July,” said Tim Monteith, plant manager. “We are reattaching all the sockets and wires, repainting, replacing broken sockets and plugs and installing new bulbs. This is an excellent training opportunity for our employees.

New Ventures works with people with disabilities and those with barriers to employment and has been training people for meaningful employment since 1972.

“The business is dependent on other local industry for training opportunities and we are pleased to be working with the city of LaGrange on refurbishing these lights that will allow our community to enjoy these lights for many years to come,” said Mike Wilson, director of industrial marketing.

The lights will be ready to hang the first part of November, which is when the city normally starts that project. The lights are turned on the day after Thanksgiving.