Public hearing to be held on new bridges

Derik Vanderford Staff Writer

August 29, 2013

LOCKHART —Information about an upcoming public hearing regarding four new bridges and a decision to display the community covenant was on the agenda at this week’s meeting of the Lockhart Town Council.

During Tuesday’s council meeting, Mayor Ailene Ashe said that S.C. Department of Transportation Program Manager Brian Klauk visited Tuesday concerning bridge construction in Lockhart. He said there will be a public hearing at 5 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 17 at the old armory, located behind the Hot Spot. Ashe told council Klauk said the first hour of the hearing would be designated for answering questions from the public. She also said the entire construction will actually result in four new bridges in the town.

“This meeting will be very important, and we need to get everyone to attend,” Ashe said.

Ashe also mentioned that when construction on the primary new bridge begins, the old bridge will not be closed. The new bridge will be 50 feet wide and allow for people to walk — and ride bikes — from the intersection at Union Road to the Broad River Mart.

“People will still be able to use the old bridge until the new bridge is complete,” Ashe said.

Ashe also mentioned that because Lockhart is a historical village, the bridge will be made to represent a part of history.

“Where Highway 9 and Highway 49 join coming from Union and where the rock wall is, they will not be touched,” Ashe said, adding that volunteers are needed to help with clean-up of the town and encouraged council members to help her recruit them.

Community Covenant

In other business, Ashe recommended that the Lockhart Community Covenant — signed by all members of council — be framed and displayed on the wall beside the front door of Lockhart Town Hall. Council member Connie Porter made a motion to accept the recommendation; the motion was seconded by Donnie Adams; and council was unanimously in favor. The community covenant reads as follows:

Lockhart, South Carolina is a community of people who work together, hand-in-hand, through love for the community, our country and our unwavering faith. We treasure the work of generations before us and hold sacred our duty to continue this work for future generations.

The river brought the mill, which built the community. While the mill has gone away, the fabric of our community continues. We are forever connected and woven together… land, river, faith, each other. We believe in our community; therefore, we, the people of Lockhart, dedicate and commit our lives to the following:

  • to serve as stewards of nature’s bounty granted to us by God, especially the beauty and opportunities of the river;
  • to preserve and protect the Broad River and its environs for its sustained beauty and health, for recreation and for generation for generations;
  • to honor the history and spirit of our community and the promise of our future;
  • to honor each resident of Lockhart by nurturing individual potential for prosperity;
  • to be neighborly always by working hand-in-hand;
  • to instill civil ideals in the hearts of our youth;
  • to strengthen the sense of public duty and trust in all residents;
  • to preserve and celebrate the character of our community while welcoming diversity, managed development and new traditions;
  • to provide opportunities for wellness and lifelong learning for all residents;
  • to preserve and celebrate our natural, physical and cultural histories;
  • to give to future generations a community more beautiful and more prosperous than it was given to us.

We commit, unceasingly, to these sacred duties for one another and for the Lockhart community.