Who, What, When & Where Of Whitmire: People In The News and Upcoming Events

Hello everyone, hope you and yours had a Happy Easter Weekend.Lots of local news and events on the way, after we do our birthday and anniversary wishes.BirthdaysHappy Birthday to Carlton Hall, Christina Mull, Troy Collins, Julia Tankersley Satcher, Deanna Wilbanks, Michelle Harmon, Randy Kitchens, Ronnie Bundrick,and Brookelyn Arrowood.An...

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News Around Lockhart: A computer virus, a thank you, and free books

Well, somewhere I’ve picked up a virus on my computer, it’s acting frozen. Gina’s doing her best to fix it, so right now I’m borrowing her laptop. So lucky you, this may be short and sweet. I just didn’t want any of you to think that I forgot about you.

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Who, What, When & Where Of Whitmire: A new football coach, and guild elects officers

Hello everyone, the weather finally looks like spring has arrived, so that means yard work. So lets do our birthday wishes from Gottrocks The Birthday Fairy, then it’s out to the yard.BirthdaysHappy Birthday to Barry Gilliam, Alex Collins, Linda Keller, Reagan Green, Tommy Shields, Heather Hawkins, Sandy Wicker, Joyce Guinn, Beth M. Bozard, Richard Hurst, David Claytor, Evonne Prather, Wayne Langston, Dickert “D”...

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Library Blog: MOOCs technology offers opportunities for learning

The influence of computers and smartphones has greatly changed the vocabulary of many Americans by introducing terms such as blog, high definition, and streaming video. One new term related to technology you may not be familiar with is MOOC, an acronym for Massive Open Online Course.

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News Around Lockhart: Aluminum cans, friends, and speeders

O.K., this is my beef today: I — as many do — save cans for the Humane Society. I assume the money from these cans buy food and help pay for the needs of the animals that are there. I love animals and try to help any way I can.We keep a bag in the kitchen for our cans, when it gets full I sometimes trip into it and that reminds me it’s time to take it to Union to the big can in the parking lot on the By-Pass. When do they dump this thing? It has been overflowing f...

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Who, What, When & Where Of Whitmire: Upcoming events and people in the news

Hello everybody, welcome to spring! We hope its spring to stay. As always Grandma used to say “An Easter cold snap will be here, directly.” Love those old, folksy colloquialisms don’t youBirthdaysGottrocks The Birthday Fairy texted in the birthdays, so lets get to it. Happy Birthday to: Helen Nickles, Brandon Alexander, Shawn Taylor, Joyce Guinn,Jonnnie Peay, Gene Duckett, Travis Newsome,Heather B. Merritt, Mayr...

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News Around Lockhart: How to dress for unpredictable weather

What about this weather, it’s Wednesday right now, don’t know what is happening Friday while you’re reading this. Every day changes, and today it’s upper 80’s. Yeah!! But when you leave the house you really don’t know what to put on. Do what I do, wear layers, and then you can start stripping and when night comes do the opposite cause it’s been cooling off at night.Sympathy...

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Library Blog: Free websites offer variety of e-books

Recently, the Union Carnegie Library was excited to begin offering downloadable e-books. Our participation in the Jasmine Consortium of libraries powered by Overdrive allows us to make many new books available through download. Thus far the service has been well-received, and if you enjoy reading books with your tablet, smartphone, or e-reader, we encourage you check out the service.

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Who, What, When & Where of Whitmire: Birthdays, feel good wishes, and sympathy

Hello everyone, welcome to news from “The Whitty.” Lots of local news coming up after we do our birthdays and get well wishes. Gottrocks the Birthday Fairy has had a time with all of our Bi-Polar weather. He did make it in with pollen coated wings.BirthdaysHappy Birthday to Le Ann and Pat Alexander, Mike Crumpton, Renee Crase, Jody Tollison, Barbara Templeton, Ken Sparks, Judy Stroud, Betty Ramsey, Chrsytal M. Lane, C...

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News Around Lockhart: Litter Pick Up Day and what is recyclable

We had a nice town meeting last night (Tuesday), lots of guests and speakers. Brown Fant went over our audit for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2013. It’s always important for him to bring it to our attention of how we stand.Litter Pick Up DayCurtiss Hunter, the Interim Tourism Director, and Johnny Gibson, the Department of Public Works Director, spoke on Taking Pride-Litter Pick Up Day on April 26 2014. C...

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