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UNION — Nearly 50 local veterans were honored this week for their service in the Korean War but there are still more who have yet to receive the honors due them and Union County Veterans Affairs Officer Cindy Fore is asking that they contact her.

Monday was Veterans Day and Union County’s veterans were honored with a parade and ceremony in downtown Union. While all veterans were honored for their service to their country during the ceremony, special recognition was given to the veterans of the Korean War.

After the awards were presented to the veterans who were present or to family members of those who were unable to attend, Fore asked if there were any Korean War veterans in the audience who had not been recognized. At least three veterans either held up their hand or their names were called out by family members. Fore then asked those veterans or family members to come to her office at the Union County Annex Building on Main Street so she could facilitate their receiving the honors due them.

Fore said that after Monday’s ceremony she’d spoke with three veterans, one of whom came to her office Tuesday morning. She said any veterans who did not receive the honors due them at Monday’s ceremony must bring their DD214 discharge forms to her office where she will review them. If the documentation confirms their service, Fore said she will work to see to it they receive the honors their fellow veterans received Monday.

This year is the 60th anniversary of the armistice which ended the fighting — though not the the war itself — in Korea on July 27, 1953. The war, which began on June 25, 1950, when South Korea was invaded by North Korea, saw combat between the forces of the North Korea and the People’s Republic of China and South Korea and the United Nations including the United States of America.

During the three years of the war, the United States provided nearly 90 percent of the 341,000 allied soldiers who fought alongside their South Korea counterparts. Of those Americans who fought in the war, more than 33,000 were killed and another 7,900 are listed as missing in action.

At Monday’s ceremony, 47 of the veterans of the Korean War/Korean Era received a variety of local, national, and even international honors.

Korean Era Veterans

Fore, who presented the awards, said the honorees included those who served in the military during the Korean Era but did not actually serve on the Korean peninsula or in its territorial waters or in its airspace. These veterans received certificates from the Veterans Day Parade Committee, the office of U.S. Sen. Tim Scott, and the U.S. Department of Defense. They also received special medallions from the DOD honoring them for their service during the era.

The following Korea Era veterans were honored during Monday’s ceremony. The list states whether the award was presented to the veteran or their family, their rank, name, and branch of service.

• Veteran — AEM2 A. Aubry Adams, USN

• Veteran — PFC Frank D. Alexander, USA

• Veteran — CPL William L. “Bill” Arthur, USAF

• Veteran — CPL Robert L Beaty Jr., USA

• Veteran — 1LT William C. “WC” Bennett, USA

• Veteran — CPL Bernard L. Bishop, USA

• Veteran — PFC Howard H. Candler, USA

• Veteran — SFC Carl L. Carter, USA

• Veteran — A1C Marvin Davis, USAF

• Veteran — SP3 Noah “Yates” Giles, USA

• Veteran — Oscar Gist Sr., USA

• Veteran — Jessie Hardy, USA

• Veteran — Joseph E. Harper, USAF

• Veteran — A1C Harold D. Henderson, USAF

• Veteran — PFC Charlie Jennings, USMC

• Veteran — RM3C Modest Keenan, USN

• Veteran — CPL Wilson Robinson, USA

• Veteran — CPL James W. Vaughan, USA

Korean War Veterans

The second group of honorees were those Fore said had served on the Korean peninsula or at sea in its territorial waters or in air combat or air support over the peninsula. These veterans also received the certificates from the committee, Sen. Scott, and the DOD. They also received a medal from the DOD embedded with a piece of barbed wire from the border of the two Koreas.

The following Korea War veterans were honored during Monday’s ceremony. This list also states whether the award was presented to the veteran or their family, their rank, name, and branch of service.

Served On Korean Peninsula

Veteran — Charles Marvin Bettis, USA

Veteran — CPL Willie “Thomas” Bobo, USA

Veteran — A1C Donald A. Bolton, USAF

Veteran — SGT Bobby G. Burkhalter, USA

Veteran — PFC Harold D. Carter, USMC

Veteran — PVT Edmund Giles, USA

Veteran — PFC Edward Gist, USA

Veteran — CPL George Robert Harris, USA

Veteran — PFC Bobby W. Helms, USA

Veteran — MAJ Von Quentin Holland, USA

Veteran — CPL Alphonso Kelley, USA

Veteran — CPL Leroy Land, USA

Family — SFC Billy E. O’Dell, USA

Family — SGT Howard Quinn, USA

Veteran — PVT Lucius Marion Rice, USA

Veteran — SP3 Paul E. Robinson, USA

Veteran — SGT Obie Sartor, USA

Veteran — SGT Freddie L Shirley, USA

Family — CPL Fred Thomas, USA

Family — SGT Roy F. Smith, USA

Family — SGM Iverson G, “IG” Vanderford, USA

Family — PFC Aubrey Dean Vaughn (KIA), USA

Served At Sea In The Territorial Waters Of Korea

Veteran — GM2 Jimmy E. Brady, USN

Veteran — TM2 Billy D. Gibson, USN

Veteran — GMSM Reginald “Clint” Fisher, USN

Veteran — ENFN James L. Maness, USN

Veteran — ENDFN William H. Maness, USN

Veteran — A. J. Shetley, USN

Direct Air Support Landing In Korea

Veteran — A3C Leroy Shropshire, USAF

Air Combat Missions Over Korea

Veteran — 1Lt Barham F. Kennedy, USAF

Both groups also received copies of “Korea Reborn: A Grateful Nation Honors War Veterans for 60 Years of Growth,” a hardbound, 160-page coffee-table book printed by the public and private sectors of South Korea lead by the Ministry of Patriot and Veterans Affairs and the Federation of Korean Industries. The book thanks American veterans for defending South Korea and enabling it to achieve the success and prosperity it enjoys today.


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